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Core Services

Programmatic Oversight

We assume responsibility for the system or process, maintaining a watchful eye on the program management, staff augmentation, operation, implementation, and outcomes.

Forensic Scheduling

We investigate and analyze CPM schedules that impact project delays, measure delays, and retrospective time.

Risk Management

We take a systematic approach to risk management that allows identifying risk at the earliest possible stage of work to provide effective recovery solutions for at-risk projects that are off-schedule and/or budget.

Cost Management

Optimizes cost performance at every stage throughout the project from day one through final delivery.

Construction Management

Provides owner’s representative with effective management and project delivery to manage construction projects with experienced key personnel to deliver full renovation services with joint venture and general contractor partners.

Process Improvement

Proactively identifies and analyzes existing tasks to optimize existing business processes and strategize new standards to meet organizational objectives.


Other Services

Proudly Certified & Recognized

We are proudly certified and recognized by serveral major national entities endorsed by the U.S. Government. 

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